Why Couples Should Use Sex Toys

Every couple in a relationship longs to have an excellent sex life. However, sometimes this may not happen due to issues and other things that complicate the art of love making in a relationship. There are many ways of improving a relationship and making sure that sex becomes more enjoyable all the time. We take this as the perfect opportunity to inform our readers on the main reasons why every relationship needs sex toys and their role in a relationship.

Sex toys extend love making sessions

Adult sex toys are known for their major role in improving and extending sex sessions. They perfectly help many to add more adventurous sessions and gain more from the relationship. Sex toys are known to offer all partners full sex action and at the am time make sure that their bond is stronger.

They help in dealing with premature ejaculation

According to the recent research from Mayo clinic, it becomes easier to deal with pre mature ejaculation while using penis rings or other male desensitizers. This makes a good reason as to the fact that sex toys help in making sure that couples are satisfied.

Boosts women orgasms

It takes the mastery of skills and knowledge to satisfy a woman into reaching her climax zones. Recent research indicates that 75% of many women will not orgasm through penetrative sex alone and therefore, there is a need to use sex toys such as vibrating penis rings or couples vibrators.

They touch on all angles

Sex toys are highly valued because of their ability to touch on the most important regions in the vagina including G –spot stimulation. If used by a skilled partner, you will definitely enjoy the best sex. Sex toys will not embarrass you with weaker erections and therefore your partner will enjoy the sex session fully and get more satisfied.

All these are some of the main reasons that help us understand that every relationship should have sex toys to make sure that couples learn and gain their full passion as they discover and learn more about sweet passionate sex.

Vibrating Panties Are the source of Adult Entertainment

For those of you paying attention to social media, you have probably seen Durex’s latest attempt at viral marketing. The condom manufacturer isn’t being left behind when it comes to new consumer technology. It has released a prototype iPhone app that syncs up with vibrating garments to provide stimulation. The kick? Your partner has control over where the stimulation occurs and how intense the vibrations are. They do as such from anywhere on the planet via their smartphone.

While a bit of fun and certainly a novelty, it certainly has its uses. The couple can be sitting right next to each other, or for those in a long-distance relationship, they can still have intimate fun with their partner. Combined with skype and a microphone, it would certainly make quite the experience.

While this technology hasn’t quite reached the consumer market yet, it certainly won’t be much sooner than the rest of us can play with it. In the mean time though, more traditional toys still exist to zest up your affection life or further appreciate some solo time alone.

Vibrating panties are becoming one of the most popular adult items, and in light of current circumstances. They give an unmatched level of stimulation, and combined with the ability to go completely hands free and remote, make quite the experience.

What makes them such a popular item? For one, they can be used in a large variety of situations. Solo uses can wear them like regular undergarments and turn up the heat when necessary. Alternatively they can just slip them on when they’re feeling frisky. They are completely hands free which makes for a different affair.

For the more daring, the panties are great to use with a partner. They can be a lot of fun during foreplay. They can also be used in more open areas or under regular clothes. The popularity of stories such as 50 shades of gray have made the dominance culture far more accepted and popular and these are a great way to start off.

In any regards, it is clear why vibrating panties have become so popular. They are an incredibly versatile toy that can lead to hours of fun. They are also one of the cheaper adult toys and like most others can be purchased discretely online. In case you’re feeling a little adventurous or want to flavor up your adoration life, these are definitely worth a shot. And in the event that you have a partner to try them out with all the better!

How To Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner

Many people use sex toys and research suggests that man and woman who use them often report higher levels of satisfaction. Introducing a sex toy into your relationship, like a bondage kit or vibrator, can greatly improve sex life, but it can also leave your partner feeling confused. It is important to make a good approach about this new intimacy level. If you aren’t sure how she (or he) would react to this idea, here you can find some tips that may help you to add excitement to your bedroom. So, how to introduce sex toys to your partner?

Communication is key
Try to talk openly about your desires and interests. It is good to open a conversation by mentioning you have watched a new advert, tv programme or movie where sex toys are part of the game. Be positive. Say that you already have a hot sex life, so that interest in sex toys is not perceived as any kind of a complaint. Most people are sensitive about sex lives, so it is good to let your partner know that she has already been great. A lot of appreciation and reassurance is not the best way. Try to make a connection to something that your partner already does.

Comfort is important
If your partner wants to try it out, you can build the excitement of shopping the toy together. It is easy to look on the computer, browse the websites and look different products. It is always the best approach to give a preview to your partner. So, if you wish to try bondage, at first try something playful and light like holding partner’s hands above the head during foreplay. You will be able to see the reaction before actually whipping and using some pink furry handcuffs. When all goes well, proceed with real handcuffs.

You should remember that intimacy is always the goal. Communicate honestly and build the foundation for a future healthy relationship. It can be with or without these personal pleasure objects, but sometimes a little experimenting can be a good idea.